Monday, 20 August 2012

Latest finds

Inspiration comes from all over the place, as the post below shows. But for me, I always go back to some Mid century modern styling. It can be something as beautifully crafted as a Finn Juhl chair or it can be far more mundane. Below are some images of finds this weekend that are sparking ideas now.

A Rowntrees jelly pamphlet. Not sure I want to eat any of it, but I love the scratchy simple graphics and textures. The saturated colours and curious mix of fonts are great.

This seems awfully familiar to me. I'm wondering if I had this game as a child. It hits all the right notes for me. Anything fishy is a favourite, and I love the contrast of black, yellow and pastels.

These are a couple of patterns that I really liked from an old tablecloth with super hand drawn lines and zippy coral spots, to a Portmeirion Totem coffee set that would be with me now if I a) drank coffee and b) could have afforded it!

Thanks to Idol hands for their bargains and allowing me to photograph their wares!

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  1. Oh that coffee set...beautiful in the white, bet it was expensive!x