Thursday, 24 January 2013

New work on the way

Sometimes it seems hard to find the time to design, when really that is ll you want to be doing! So it feels like slow progress at the moment. But there are a couple of collections on the way. I thought I would give you a glimpse.

Firstly a kids collection based on the weather. There is still a couple of coordinates to do and some refinement on the repeats, but it is beginning to come together. I'm rethinking the smiley face on the raindrop for a start. Haven't decided what to call it yet. I always find it difficult to think up a witty name for a collection, so any suggestions are welcome! 

I've also set myself a challenge to create a collection in just black & white. I'm so tempted to put a bright yellow into it! This one is based on some simple markmaking and I hope it will become a collection for giftwrap or stationery.

I've been having a play with instagram, and took the B&W shots with it. You can find me on instagram @esthercoxskiosk.

Just a reminder that Majo's calendar is still running and you can download the February page by Tiffany designs right now from here.


  1. Aw I like the smily raindrop! This collection is looking amazing Esther, I love the sun one and all the the same, i always want to add colour to b&w!x

  2. The collection is super... I love the mountains with black background and the clouds with yellow background. Sooooo sooooo lovely and kiddy!

  3. i love the raindrops! and clouds! i am also working on a cloud collection, i love them so much:)

  4. Keep the face on the rain drop I love it! I have been doing some B&W designs as well, loving yours. Kx