Wednesday, 19 September 2012

On its way...

It is almost there. I have been working really hard putting together a portfolio site of my work. I'm not quite ready to launch it yet but it is finally coming together. Mainly I am stuck on the 'about' page. Think I might just have to answer my own Kiosk interview questions! I'm just too excited not to share it with you now. If you want to have a peek or contact me you can  here


  1. Eep I'm excited for you! It looks great even just as a welcome page! Can't wait to see the rest x

  2. How exciting... I bought my domain this week but it is completely empty!
    Your homepage looks great well done.
    Dawn x

  3. Very exciting, Esther, looking forward to seeing it up! I have been working away to get a bit of a gallery/site up too...still in the process..Thanks for the comment on my post re Helen Dardik-looove her style!