Tuesday, 30 October 2012


I love to make stuff. Pictures, patterns, embroideries. I can even make clothes given a pattern. But I just can't think three dimensionally. I can't even make clay into anything other than a lump of clay. I would love to create sculpture or jewellery but it really isn't my strength. So I just enjoy it instead, and of late it has been giving me lots of inspiration. Despite being rather tatty this book from 1970 is giving me loads of ideas for patterns.

I've been looking at the sculpture of Reg Butler, Elisabeth Frink, Geoffrey Clarke, Barbara Hepworth and other twentieth century artists too. You can see some of the ideas I've been getting here. I like the by turns lumpy and sinuous constructions. It is making me draw some new patterns.


  1. Wow what an amazing book its certainly inspired you, i love that new pattern!x

  2. Love your new pattern, it's really different and I saw straight away where you'd got your inspiration from! Have you ever been to the Barbara Hepworth museum in St Ives and wandered around the garden? Can't wait to see what patterns you make influenced by the jewellery book!

  3. Oh I love it there lesley. Very inspiring. Have you been to the Hepworth museum up north? Well worth a visit, especially if you can fit in a trip to the sculpture park too. Amazing. Loving your work as usual ms cox.