Friday, 16 November 2012

Welcome to the kiosk Rebecca Greenwood

Time for another visitor to the Kiosk. Today it is the turn of Rebecca Greenwood of Littletree Designs. She is a fellow student of the ABSPD course and I have admired her work for a long time. I think that many of our design influences are similar but she has a very different style to me. Crisp, graphic, retro and the most impeccable sense of colour. I really urge you to visit her portfolio to see more pattern gems. Rebecca has such a polished commercial style that I know she has a great career ahead of her.

EC  Firstly, for those who may not know your work, how would you describe what you do?
RG  I am a surface pattern designer with a love for colour, retro styling and most of all fun!

EC  Like the Kiosk you are definitley a pattern obsessive. Where did this love come from?
RG  I'm not too sure really! I was always creative and drawing as a kid, I just knew I wanted to do something in the art and design world!
The pattern obsession came later after being at college and experimenting with all aspects of design before settling on pattern design at uni, it all really spiraled from there!

EC  Your work is very graphic, but there is a love of hand drawing too. Tell me a bit about your work process and how you balance these elements.
RG  It all depends on the pattern I have in mind and what look I want it to have when finished.
Some motifs I design in Photoshop and others I handdraw and then scan, tidy etc...generally every idea starts as a doodle in one of my many notebooks!

EC  Personal project or client brief?
RG  Ooh I would love to have a client brief just so I finally feel like a real designer! But also I like having a brief to research and plan, you never know what may inspire you and take your work in a new direction.

EC  Is there a particular era or style that inspires you?
RG  I love mid-century style, furniture, fabric, kitchenalia, the designers...everything really! But I also love scandi style in modern times, I love a bit of Ikea! They have the best fabrics.

EC  What would you most like to see your work on?
RG  I would love to see my work in a store like Paperchase, so mainly stationery, cards and gift wrap. But also fabrics and homewares, that would be pretty awesome too!

EC  Tell me one thing about you that no one would guess from looking at your work.
RG  I am a really country girl at heart...I love a good walk in the woods, building a fire, making jams and pickles, baking and the general peace that comes from being in the middle of nowhere...

EC  The Kiosk likes to enjoy the simple things. What is your favourite word, colour, shape, artist and food?
RG  Lovely...I seem to say it all the time about everything! Ooh that is lovely!
- At the moment my fave colour is a minty green, I generally love blues and greens in all shades!
- Definitely circles, I don't know why but I seem to gravitate towards them. I ever remember one of my tutors at college saying the same thing!
- That is so hard! I love the Rothko room in the Tate Modern London, its so peacefull staring at those enourmous paintings. As for designers there are just too many to name!
- Oooh that would have to be cake in all shapes, sizes and flavours...yum

EC  The Kiosk loves a to do list. What is next on your agenda?
RG  The next big thing is to knuckle down and really start getting my work out there in the world for people to see and hopefully sell some!
On the home front I am working on Christmas stuff for my Etsy will be here sooner than we think!

EC  Any other information we should know?
RG  I make an awesome cup of tea...

Thanks Rebecca. Anyone who can make a decent cuppa is always welcome in the Kiosk. Please do take time to look at Rebecca's excellent blog. It is a real feast for the eyes and choc full of inspiration. And if you fancy getting your hands on some of Littletree designs make sure to check out Rebecca's Spoonflower and Society6 shops. And I can't wait for her Etsy store to reopen

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  1. Lovely post Ester. Rebecca's work is great!

  2. I do love rebeccas work. I believe i own some. Which is even better. Excellent feature as always esther x

  3. Aw thanks Esther this has made my week! And thanks Jen and Dawn for your lovely comments to! Unfortunatly my shop is closed at the moment as I am moving very soon but hopefully it will all be back up and running in the new year! Thanks again Esther and the kiosk is looking fab!x