Monday, 4 February 2013

All of a jumble

This weekend I was invited to join some friends of mine on a treasure hunt. My friends take this very seriously. They buy and sell all kinds of treasure. There were no maps or pirates involved, but the operation was run with military precision. So good is the haul they get, I am sworn to secrecy as to where and when this all takes place!
So what am I talking about? Well, some people call it thrifting. Some call it vintage shopping. I don't, I call it going to a jumble sale. All kinds of characters, a mug of tea for 50p, and scrum to get to the goodies on display. I have to say that this was the sort of place I didn't think existed anymore. Most items were around the 20p mark ( to be fair some things really weren't worth that) but there was an awful lot if fun to be had picking through the trash to find the treasure. Including a 1950s handbag for my flatmate I spent a grand total of 90p! This is what I found...

I wasn't looking for any antiques or vintage gems to sell on, I was just looking for some inspiration. These old wooden toys appealed for their simple shape and tactile quality. They look good on a shelf and are giving me ideas for a project already.

A dainty bone china cup and saucer to add to my collection of blue ceramics and a wonky handmade tile. The decoration is done by a child and I love the free, splodgy way it is applied.
You might think I've wasted 90p, I think I've got a horde of treasure. And I'm very happy with it.

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