Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Kiosk Giveaway

Time to celebrate the opening of my own Kiosk on Etsy with a little giveaway. I'll be offering an A3 print, set of notecards and a handrawn one off picture made by me for you!

As my favourite word is of course KIOSK, I thought you could tell me what your FAVOURITE WORD is. So leave me a comment on my blog, facebook page, twitter or instagram feed. If you want to do this on all four platforms feel free- but choose different words- and you'll increase your chances of winning! And don't forget to visit the kiosk and let me know which of the prints from my Etsy store you would like to win.

On 5th July I'll choose a winner. It will be the best word, in my thoroughly partial judgement. I will also choose 3 runners up who will be given a discount code to use in the kiosk. Links are on the images below and on the right. Just leave your comment where you see this pic. Good luck!


  1. yay! i love your work so i'm snapping up this opportunity!

    i love everything in your shop but my favourite is 'rooftops'. my favourite word is ... supple.

    not the most interesting of words to most, but i just find it really satisfying to say!

  2. My favorite English word is 'bless', it's not a word we would use in Dutch and I love how it's used, especially mixed with the word God. Even though I really don't believe in a god in that way. Still... God bless.

    In Dutch my favorite word is 'fiets', which means bicycle, en fietsen means cycling, which I guess as a Dutchie is ingrained in your soul...

  3. Hiya, my fave word is "CWTCH" its welsh for cuddle, it gets used alot in our house. i LOVE creatures and critters. have a nice day ! xx

  4. My favourite word- there are so many nice sounding or clever words but I think my favourite word would have to be 'Petal'. I'm named after a flower and have always been a little obsessed with them and my boyfriend calls me 'Petal' so it's always been a very positive word for me, with nice connotations :). Petals are so delicate and can be so varied, so it's a simple word for quite an interesting thing I think! My favourite print from your store is'Balance'- I think it looks like it's floating and the colours are really happy, it's really fun x

  5. 'Strumpet' has been my favourite word for a long time! Just love the way it sounds! Your new Etsy shop looks great. Good luck with it all. x