Monday, 3 September 2012

Inspiration for today

There doesn't feel like there has been enough designing going on at the Kiosk of late. I have been busy with so many other bits and bobs that it has slid away from me. The exciting news is that there is a Kiosk website well on its way. Check back soon for the launch.
This is a book from 1966 that I always end up going back to when I need to get going again. It is full of such great imagery and textures that never fail to inspire some sketching.


  1. What an amazing book! I bet it inspires you loads...loving the kiosk pattern below too, looks fab!x

  2. Did you know I ordered this book and the one with Bulls on the cover (love bulls) after you showed me them on Twitter? Just eagerly waiting for them to arrive!
    P.S. Love the below design. Dawn x