Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Something Special

My this blog is all about me isn't it? Lots of my work and a few random photographs of my favourite things. Like this one below- Raspberries, Marimekko and my Grandmother's chair. 

Well I'd like something a bit different, so over the coming weeks will be introducing a new feature that I hope will keep you and I entertained. I have invited some very exciting designers and makers to share a little bit of their work and thoughts. Of course I could say this is something that I have 'curated', but actually I have just asked people whos work I think is truly awesome to take part. So it is really just more stuff that I like!

But I hope you like it to. Maybe you'll see some really beautiful stuff you've never seen before and find out some interesting things about making art. First one is up on Thursday so check back then for a colour explosion. Until then, more random things I like below. Cherries and my Grandfather's dip pen ( they both make me draw better).