Monday, 7 January 2013

I am very lucky

Before the festive feeling entirely fades I thought I would share a few of the gifts I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas. They have been cheering me ever since. I aplogise for the quality of the photos, a) I am useless with a camera, b) what light there is here is so gloomy at the moment.

This yellow jug from Jansen & co. You might not agree, but I think it goes very well with my great aunt's tea set. the print in the background is by Jan Skácelík of Design Attractor. It is always tea time in the kiosk.

Screenprint of Goldfinches in gold ink by Dee Beale. I have been hankering after this for yonks. So I am very grateful to my friend for having impeccable taste and guessing I would like it.

This cuff in my favourite hue. I don't know who it is by, but it came from the wonderful Wickle in Lewes.

A subscription to Wrap magazine. Which really is a gift that keeps on giving. Spoilt rotten you see. I'm very grateful to family and friends.

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