Friday 6 September 2013

Wave hello say goodbye

Hello! It has been an absolute age since I really posted anything hasn't it? I have to admit I am struggling to keep up with soooo many social media platforms, AND get my work done!

So I have been umming and erring for sometime about whether to continue with my blog. I've really enjoyed doing it, interacting with you all, and feel suprised and grateful for the traffic it gets. But it is sometimes a struggle to keep it feeling lively and fresh. I don't want to bore you by posting nonsense for the sake of it. And I sense that I have found better platforms on which to share my work and ideas. So. I have decided to retire this blog.

It makes me a bit sad. A lot sad. But I do hope you will continue to follow what I'm up to and keep in touch with me. I'm not stopping the blog thing entirely. I have added a news section to my website where I will post updates. You can continue to comment and like stuff on there. I really like hearing your views.

My Tumblr 'I prefer drawing to talking' is really beginning to take shape too. It is a mix of my work in progress, inspirations and ideas. Possibly it only makes sense to me, but it does reflect my aesthetic and interests...if nothing else it looks really pretty!

If you are of a nosy persuasion you can check out my Instagram feed. I put  a lot of my work and inspirations on there, but you will have to take the random shots of myself, dinner and other silly things too! If you are on Instagram, do get in touch.

I will keep this blog up so you can continue to look at the archive of random thoughts and work if you want to.

Oh gawd. Now I really do feel sad. Thanks blog you've been good to me. And the biggest thank you to my blogger chums for your support and comments. I do hope you will stay in touch.

New Season. New Website

So the rain has started and my socks are back on. Not an entirely unwelcome feeling I have to say. To go with the new season I have updated my website with a new look. It is almost done so do have a peek and tell me what you think..

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Heart Home Magazine

I was lucky enough to get a nice little feature on my art prints on the Heart Home magazine blog. You can see it here. Big thanks to Anna Dent for including me.